Your book in just 8 days

You have many great ideas to share with the world. You've always dreamed of writing your own book. But how to craft your ideas into a compelling story?

Meet Ron Immink. A world class author that can help you write your own book. Faster than you can imagine.

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What if..

You could go to an inspiring place. Get comfortable and be able to think freely. Just speak about the ideas you want to share with the world.

A world class writer will put your ideas on paper and gives you feedback on the go:

- Which of your ideas are truly unique?
- How can you structure your ideas so it becomes a compelling story?

You are in a great place. You are speaking about what you love. And in 8 days you have your book.


I would describe Ron as a futurologist, societal change maven and an innovation grenade, often at the same time.


Ron Immink

Ron will be your personal writing coach. But not just your coach. He will do the writing for you and set you up for success.

Ron is a Dutch/Irish author of 6 books. He writes about topics like climate change as a business opportunity, innovation, leadership, future trends and intrapreneurship. See 3 of his latest books below.

Besides being an author he is also a public speaker and entrepreneur. He helps companies to create better business models and is not ashamed for his deep love for business books.

A self proclaimed entreprenerd :)

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